Single Head High Power Strobe

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High power single head strobe system. The strobe can be connected from 12V DC. The power consumption is less than 2 Amp.

The strobe can be set to give a 2 burst flash or adjust to single, double flash using the user switch. Also the burst speed and alternating speed is fully user. The system has the option to double output power giving an ultra-powerful flash.

The driver box will take up to three strobe heads, so additional heads can be purchased at a later stage. The driver box weight is only 300 grams and measuring 135 x 65 x 45mm, made from pressed aluminum and is anodized in red.


  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Current: 2 Amp
  • Flash Rate: up to 100 per minute (user adjustable)
  • Brightness: 50 Joule per cycle
  • Driver box: 300 grams, 135 x 65 x 45mm

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