Jetcom AirXtreme Helmet


Color: Grey
Size: S/M
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The AirXtreme JetCom Helmet is a dedicated flying helmet, Certified EN966 for “Airborne Sports”. Designed for both Paramotoring and Free Flying, It is a light weight helmet, produced using “In-mold” technology which is derived from high-end cycling helmets and ski helmets. In-Mold technology, yields the best strength to weight ratio, positioning the Jetcom as the lightest fully Paramotor compatible helmet on the market to date.

Packed with features, the Jetcom will satisfy any pilot in any weather climate or location. Multiple vents with Open/Close setting at a push of a button for in flight adjustment. Magnetic “Fidlock” chin closing buckle for the easiest and fastest possible closing/opening operation even with heavy gloves

The Modular / Interchangeable design means you can configure and reconfigure your helmet according to the season, and type of flight you are planning. The default version ships with Paramotor Ear Arcs and helmet bag, choose additional accessories to suit your needs.

Size: S/M L/XL
Internal Circumference [cm] up to 58 58 and UP
Item Weight [gr] Notes
Helmet (S/M)(L/XL) 383 / 454 Excluding items listed below
Ear Arcs with chin Strap 41 Including Pins
Free Flight Chin Strap 35 Including Pins
Earmuffs paddings (pair) 28  
Full Visor 133 Including fittings
Half Face Visor 113 Including fittings
Complete weight example: 424 S/M Helmet + Ear Arcs chin strap
Headset (PHD1) 332 Including fittings
Headset Cable 63 weight of cable for Icom Others may vary slightly up or down
Certification   EN-966 Airborne Certification

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