Icaro Nerv Paragliding Helmet


Color: Carbon White
Size: Small
Visor & Fixing kit: None
Sale price£162.50
Prices exclude sales Tax


Principal features

  • Just 355 - 390 grams
  • New patented ESR (Elastic size regulator)
  • For Hike & Fly and land sports
  • Certification EN 966

Color for the standard mode

Premium colours: Scratch Grey, Scratch Blue, Deep Forrest.
Standard colours: Carbon Black, Carbon White, Light Blue, Black/Orange, Black/Green

Technical data (Index)

  • Italian Design
  • Shell made of strong polycarbonate
  • Polystyrene liner
  • Standard version
    • Sizes with interchangeable internal padding
    • Adjustable black chin strap with standard bucklet
    • Rubber shell edge trim
  • Exclusive version
    • Sizes: new patented ESR (Elastic size regulator)
    • Micrometric chin strap
    • Special shell edge trim
  • E.N. 1385 Certification
  • Weights
  • Manual
  • Made 100% in Italy

Italian Design

The Nerv light was designed by Ignazio Bernardi, with technical consultancy from the greatest Italian helmet designer.
The result is a helmet with a distinctive, modern appearance.

Technical information:

Shell in strong polycarbonate. The 3 mm polycarbonate shell is very light but also very strong.

EPS shock liner. To make the helmet as light as possible, the polystyrene liner has a series of carefully-engineered perforations.

Sizing: The size of a helmet is specified by the inner circumference of the internal padding.
The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.

The Standard version of the Nerv light helmet is supplied with 3 sets of internal padding with different thickness, for sizes:

  • 53 - 56 (Small)
  • 57 - 59 (Medium)
  • 60 - 61 (Large)

In addition, we have created a brand-new system to further enhance helmet comfort.

Every size is attained by means of 6 small, soft and breathable padding pieces that can all be replaced by 6 thicker or thinner ones.

In total we deliver the helmet with 3 sets of 6 padding pieces of different thicknesses so that you can be sure to attain a perfect fit simply by changing all or some of the padding pieces.

This system provides another benefit: it is easy to remove the padding pieces and replace them with new pieces. They are simply attached to the polystyrene liner with small lengths of Velcro.


Professionally made by MicroAvionics UK. The headsets come with a boom microphone, speaker, helmet mount tactile PTT & fixing kit. It will take you 10 minutes to fit the headset to the helmet with the fixing kit supplied.

These headsets will work with all major radios. If your radio is not listed, then contact is on info@microavionics.com before ordering.

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