Icaro Solar X Helmet v2 - ULM

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Color: Orange/Black
Size: Small
Visor & Fixing Kit: None
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Reduced width of the helmet

The advantage of a reduced width of the helmet are evident: less weight and less resistance to te air.

The disadvantage: if there is only one dimension of the shell like in this helmet, the maximum size is XL (61 cm of head circumference).

Polycarbonate shell

The 3 mm thickness polycarbonate shell has the advantage to be very light but still very strong.

Polystyrene reinforced

The polystyrene inside is reinforced with one more layer of polycarbonate to achieve the hard penetration test of the E.N. 966 certification.

Airflow inside the helmet

Between the shell and the polystyrene there are 2 channels with their holes for the air flow.

You can open or close the entrance of the air into the helmet just with one hand and while you are flying.


3 sizes available, each with an adjustable sizing wheel, for head circumferences from 53 to 61 cm:

  • S (53-55 cm = XS-S)
  • M (56-57 cm = M-L)
  • L (57-61 cm =  L-XL)

The size of a helmet is always described by the inner circumference of the internal padding.

The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.


Covering shell edge

We found a method to stich a strip of fabric around the helmet shell edge. The result is beautiful!

Sidepieces and chin strap

Plastic-coated stainless steel wire sidepieces and micrometric chin strap.

Certification E.N. 966

All Icaro helmets are designed and built especially for free flight and microlight pilots, in accordance with the European standards (EN 966). They are as light as possible whilst still optimizing safety for Paramotor, microlight pilots.


  • Helmet: approx. 550 gr

Visor (optional)

Available in Short and Long versions, Transparent or Tinted Brown.

ULM Headsets

UL100 UL200 UL300
Gel seals
Padded Headband X
Noise filters X
Extra speech filters     X
Extra noise filters     X
MA1 directional mic PLUS     X


UL-300. New for 2023.  Upgrade to UL-300 which has added benefits of a new highly tuned microphone of our own design and build & extra stages of noise filtering. The result is clearer sharper audio that cuts through the background noise more easily. Due to clearer audio you can use your headset on a lower volume and as such there will be lower amplified noise.

For use in 3 Axis without helmet or for trike with a MicroAvionics helmet, similar to part number MM020A.

Available in either headband mount or helmet mount for fixing to Icaro or similar helmets.

This headset has been specifically designed to work in open and enclosed cockpits with specific attention to noise reduction and clear communication. The headsets are compatible with our UL-100 headsets, those of Lynx Micro system.

The headset is fitted with ANR (active noise reduction) and VOX. ANR listens to the noise penetrating the ear cup and cancels this noise out using phase reversal technology. The result is an extremely quiet ear defender, even under the harshest environment. The ANR technology reduces this noise by 6dB, which is twice as quiet compared to non ANR.

The UL-200 also has VOX. VOX is a system where the microphone is switched off when you are not speaking. This in turn switches off the speakers in the ear cups to give an exceptionally quiet headset. The VOX level is user adjusted by a small control on the headset.

The UL-200 is a first of its kind for microlight aircraft. The result from VOX & ANR means you have a very quiet headset.

As per the UL-100 this headset has integral power so can be connected back to back with a similar headset or connect to the radio interface for radio, mobile telephone, music or second radio.

Each headset is independently controlled which has volume dial and VOX adjuster on the left earcup.

  • Liquid gel ear seals
  • Waterproof noise canceling electret microphone
  • High quality speaker for superior speech reproduction
  • SMD electronic noise filtering circuitry
  • Twin skinned ear defender for better passive noise reduction
  • Heavy duty screened curly cable with 7 pin bayonet locking connector

Ear defenders or electronic headsets (optional extra)

You can order the helmet on it's own to fit your other headsets to. Or you can choose to order either our High Quality ear defenders or MicroAvionics UL 100, UL 200 Or UL 300 Headsets

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